RICD 154: The British Occupation of Rhode Island

RICD 154: The British Occupation of Rhode Island
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First hand accounts of a three-year standoff that included one of the major actions of the war. This CD contains the following documents:
- Mrs. Almy’s Journal of the Siege of Newport, R.I. August, 1778.
- Revolutionary Correspondence of Governor Nicholas Cooke 1775-1781.
- Silas Cooke, a Victim of the Revolution.
- Diary of a Ichabod Corbett.
- Joseph Dennis's Journal Kept at Portsmouth, R.I.
- Fleet S. Greene's Diary kept in Newport during the British Occupation.
- Journal of Ensign John Haslewood, 63rd Regiment of Foot.
- Journal of Bartholomew James, British midshipman.
- Letters of Brunswick, Hessian, and Waldeck Officers During the American Revolution.
- Journal of Stephen Popp, Bayreuth Regiment.
- Correspondence of Governors Nicholas Cooke, William Greene, John Collins, Jonathan Trumbull, Generals Washington, Greene, Sullivan, Spencer And Cornell, Colonel William Richmond, Admiral Pigot, Hon. Jabez Bowen, Colonel Ephraim Bowen, Hon. Metcalf Bowler, Hon. Henry Marchant, Joseph Stanton, Jr., William Allen And Ambrose Page, Esq., And Others.
- Letters of Brunswick and Hessian officers during the American Revolution.
- Journal of John Trevett, American Marine.
- Journal of Rev. Joshua Wingate Weeks, Loyalist Rector.

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